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FTSE Global Markets produces high-touch, high level events, topical seminars and roundtables that bring together leading professionals and market makers who provide unique, incisive and forward-looking insights and analysis of the international financing and investment markets.

FTSE Global Markets only targets the key decision makers in your field, which ensures that your audience is comprised of potential and existing clients rather than other service providers and your competitors.

The content is highly researched ensuring it is interesting and informative rather than dominated by sales pitches and anodyne overviews. This provides sponsors and speakers the ideal opportunity and forum to demonstrate their expertise and thought leadership capabilities.

As well a series of scheduled investment and trading events, FTSE Global Markets also runs a series of specialist breakfast briefings and one off event in which bespoke programmes that allow key messaging and specific information to reach a highly targeted and specific audience. For more information about this or any of our upcoming events please contact anyone in the events team.

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